OJO Bookkeepers are trained experts in Xero Property Management Software



OJO Bookkeepers are trained experts in Xero Property Management Software


Expert Knowledge

Our bookkeepers know Xero like the back of their hand. They are well-educated, fully vetted, and go through ongoing training to ensure their skills are fresh. And if there’s a question they can’t answer, We have a robust team of fellow bookkeepers and supervisors they can consult with to get a speedy response.

Easy Integration​

Don’t have Xero yet or are making the switch from a different software? No problem. We can help you with the process of setting everything up. Once onboarded, we will have a Xero login and can get started on your books.. We’ll ensure that your experience is fully customized to your specific goals, policies, and procedures.

Xero Audit​

Our bookkeepers conduct an Initial Financial Health Check Review for you, free of charge! This is a valuable first step to your success as we audit your Xero account and generate a report to monitor its performance. From there, we figure out how to proceed.


1. Connect with your OJO bookkeeper

2. Share your xero information with your bookkeeper

3. Sit back, relax, and enjoy having up-to-date books!

Save up to 50% on your property management bookkeeping costs.


One of the best decisions I made for my management company. OJO Bookkeeping is always ready to jump in and do the task. I am very happy with the service they provide. Great job!!!!!

Zahid Jahania

California Pacific Reality, Newark CA

The OJO team do extraordinary work.  I needed help reconciling past trust accounts, they stepped in and took care of everything.  Now they will handle all the books so I can serve more customers and maybe even have some free time.

Brett Frosaker

RBI Property Management, Seattle WA

Such an amazing company. They handle all of my property management company’s accounting needs. My only regret is I wish I had hired them sooner.

Natalie Swerkes

First Statewide Realty,
Cupertino CA

OJO and their team do fantastic work. They assist with my property accounting and are always very responsive, professional, accurate, and timely. Highly recommend!

Alec Greenberg

Base 3 Development,
Chicago, IL

Great bookkeeping services.  They have really saved me a lot of time and issues using Appfolio.  If you are a property management company you need to talk to someone at OJO!

Mark Saunders

Saunders Property Management, Winston-Salem, NC

We have been using OJO for 2 years and they have exceeded our expectations. Very knowledgeable of our software and very prompt and efficient.

Steve Case

Spaces Management,
Tuscaloosa, AL