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If you’re looking for reliable, trustworthy bookkeeping services that know your property management business inside and out, look no further than OJO Bookkeeping. Our modern approach uses the most updated technology to ensure the process is efficient and effective!

Here are some of the key pillars that make us operate like a well-oiled machine:

Technology Support Included

Whether you’re a technology expert or are just starting to embrace all that’s offered by modern technology, we are here to help you through, free of charge! 

When we said our service is simple, we really meant it…

We will do our best to resolve any issues preventing you from efficiently utilizing the complete OJO experience. Our technology support extends to ALL of your devices and software, from your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, your scanner, and anything else you can think of.

Think of us as your tech-savvy (and slightly nerdy) friend you can always call on to help you out.

Modern Communication

We know our clients value easy and speedy communication, and that’s exactly what we provide. Connect with your OJO Bookkeeper through Slack or Zoom and we’ll get back to you in a flash.

No sitting in a queue waiting hours for a web chat.  You have your personal OJO Bookkeeper’s direct contact information so you can reach them at your convenience.

Smartphones and Tablets

Whether you’re in the office or out in the field all day, your smartphone or tablet is now an extension of your office.  

Use your smartphone or tablet to:

    • Take pictures of expense receipts or a check that you just received and send them to your OJO Bookkeeper to be processed
    • Email your OJO Bookkeeper with details regarding a tenant charge
    • Text your OJO Bookkeeper and ask them questions such as:
  • “What’s the tenant’s balance?”
  • “How much of a security deposit does this tenant have?”
  • “A tenant just called asking about their security deposit return.  Will you please contact the tenant and let them know when it will be processed?”
  • Take pictures of work that a vendor did on a unit, save them to the shared folder, and email your OJO Bookkeeper to attach them to the unit’s record…just for future reference.Appfolio’s mobile app is great, but it has limited functionality.  That’s another reason your OJO Bookkeeper plays such a vital role in your business. Tthey have access to the full accounting software experience, not the limited mobile view.

Not a smartphone or tablet guru?  No problem.  Remember, technology support is always included!


People are at the heart of the OJO magic, but software is the machine that ties it all together.  We don’t sell software.  Instead, our ability to bring the best industry-standard software together is what makes us unique!  This allows our bookkeepers to work like a well-oiled machine while it’s all invisible and seamless to you.  

We work with you using your Appfolio, Buildium, Rentvine account alongside well-known, proven and secure file-sharing and communication software to get the job done right. 

Document Scanner

In property management, there’s just no substitute for a document scanner to image your bills, invoices, leases, etc.  If you don’t have a scanner, no problem. 

We will help you select the right product enabling you to move into digital storage and send higher volumes of documents to your OJO Bookkeeper with ease.

By its very nature, property management has a high volume of documents.  Using a scanner makes digital storage simple.  And with the higher volume of documents, we can set up a shared folder, making it as easy as drag-and-drop to send all documents instantly over to your OJO Bookkeeper.

And of course, security is always a top priority with OJO.  Your documents will be shared only with your bookkeeper, and we only have access to shared folders for which you approve.

Concerned that your existing Dropbox or Google Drive will conflict with OJO?  No worries there, either. We use Citrix Sharefile, which works seamlessly side-by-side with other file sync software. 

Citrix ShareFile is the industry standard enterprise-level secure file-sharing software that is used by the healthcare industry, law firms, and financial institutions across the country.


OJO couples technology and people to create a simple and secure relationship that really does make your life easier. In turn, it also frees you up to focus on your business, and make more money!  

Here are some examples of how we’ll use technology to make it all happen:

  • Desktop scanners to scan documents
  • Shared online folders to share documents to your OJO Bookkeeper utilizing simple drag-and-drop
  • Phone/email/text/instant message formats to communicate with your OJO Bookkeeper
  • PDF documents to print onto check stock to pay your bills
  • Smartphones to take pictures and text them to your OJO Bookkeeper


You work hard.  We know and appreciate that!  Protecting your tenants, owners, and hard-earned income is our primary focus.  

OJO’s Bookkeepers only have optional read-only access to your bank accounts for access to your bank statements to streamline work. There is never any access to physical checks or computers – no account transfers, no online bill pay, no ACH, nothing. All interactions with your financial institution remain with you.

  • Your OJO Bookkeeper prepares bills to be paid and creates a PDF or a report, but you make the actual payments.  You have the peace of mind in knowing that all money leaving your account is initiated directly and solely by you.
  • To further protect you, we utilize enterprise-level password management software which enables us to incorporate ultra-secure and random 26-character passwords.
  • Furthermore, supervisors are always monitoring bookkeeping activities and practices, ensuring strict security protocols are always followed.  
  • And, of course, OJO Bookkeeping carries full professional liability, errors and omissions, cyber, and crime insurance.We make it our duty to make sure your books are completely safe and secure!


Remote bookkeeping goes hand in hand with reducing waste and simplifying your life.  OJO Bookkeeping helps you accomplish this with the use of modern technology, electronic storage, and file organization.

Do Your Bookkeeping the Modern Way

Ready to simplify, modernize, and enhance your bookkeeping process? Schedule a Free Consultation with us today to learn why OJO Bookkeeping could be the solution for you. 

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