OJO Bookkeeping

We are excited to join your team!

So…What’s Next?

It’s simple! Ramp up is quick and easy. We get started learning your specific way of doing things, and your bookkeeper gets started working for you!​

When will we start?

You’ve probably scheduled a date and time from within our calendar to have your Orientation Meeting. If you haven’t, you have another chance to do so below. During this meeting, we will introduce you to your new bookkeeper and get all the background processes started.

How do I train my bookkeeper to work within our company’s processes?

During orientation, you and your bookkeeper will meet… and we will discuss in detail how your property management company’s processes work. We will also discuss what type of work you wish your new bookkeeper to get started on. After, you can simply start sending work to your bookkeeper… or you and your bookkeeper can set a time for a screen-sharing session to further familiarize yourselves with the plan.

What do I need to do now?

The key to success with your new bookkeeper is ensuring that they know what you want, so please gather your thoughts and make some notes in preparation for orientation.

Trust us, we are going to make this an easy transition! And then it’s all smooth sailing from there…

If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

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-The OJO Bookkeeping Team!