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The easiest and quickest way to manage your books as a property owner or manager is to outsource to a team you trust.

Of course, trust takes time to build, but once you do, the results pay off quickly. Once you get this off your plate, it allows you to get back more time in your day to focus on your business, increase revenue, and be prepared if and when you get audited.

Before selecting a bookkeeper, keep these things in mind:

  • Scan their reviews and notice any common patterns (link to reviews page)
  • See if they already know the platforms you work with (link to platforms team)
  • Check if they have a guarantee policy (link to guarantee policy)
  • Make sure they are EASY to work with

How Easy is it to Work with OJO Bookkeeping?

OJO bookkeepers already have the property management and Appfolio, Buildium, and Rentvine experience to hit the ground running and start working seamlessly with your team and processes in no time!

Make the easy transition to a dedicated bookkeeper who works with you daily and maintains constant communication. Let us customize your bookkeeping experience to fit your needs.

Training Your OJO Bookkeeper Is As Easy As A Screen-Sharing Session

Although your OJO Bookkeeper has plenty of property management and Appfolio, Buildium, or Rentvine experience, you also have specific policies and procedures that must be followed. It’s important that your OJO Bookkeeper knows all of those ins and outs. 

Training your OJO Bookkeeper with live screen-sharing couldn’t be any easier, because we take care of all the details on this end! There is no confusing or costly web conferencing software to purchase or operate. Your OJO Bookkeeper has all of the software and knowledge to initiate online training sessions with you. It’s really just as easy as connecting with your OJO Bookkeeper, following a web/internet link, and getting started!

As Easy As Scanning A Check

Receiving payments and recording deposits (whether from tenants, owners, or other sources) is super simple. Your OJO Bookkeeper will automatically receive the file and input it into your Appfolio, Buildium, or Rentvine account.

Keeping your books current is a breeze when all you have to do is:

  • Scan the check(s)
  • Save it to a special shared folder on your computer (and don’t worry, because we will help you set up the special folder in a flash).
  • Make the deposit with your bank as you normally do.

Your OJO Bookkeeper will process the deposit and save a digital copy of it into your preferred software and Citrix ShareFile. Citrix ShareFile works seamlessly side-by-side with other file sync software. It’s the industry standard enterprise-level secure file sharing software that is used by the healthcare industry, law firms, and financial institutions across the country.

As Easy As Scanning A Bill And Saving It In A Folder

Inputting bills and expenses has never been so easy.  If you can scan a document, you can easily submit expenses to your OJO Bookkeeper.

  • Scan the bill or receipt
  • Save it to a special shared folder on your computer
  • File the paper document or shred it (Because either way, your OJO Bookkeeper will process the bill and save the digital copy in your property management software and Citrix Sharefile.) Now it’s safely stored in two places for easy reference anytime in the future.

As Easy As Printing A Document

Paying bills, updating your books, figuring out who needs to be paid and when, and checking your bank balance to be sure you have enough money is an overwhelming amount of work to handle on your own. Let your OJO Bookkeeper take care of it for you!

Your OJO Bookkeeper decides who gets paid and when with some simple guidelines from you:

  • Pay bills on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis
  • Never pay the account below a predetermined amount
  • Pay all bills before their due date or pay all bills before 30 days, regardless of when they are due
  • If funds are short….your OJO Bookkeeper will discuss your options
  • Other specific guidelines?  No problem!

    Your OJO Bookkeeper “prints” your checks to a PDF file.  This file is emailed to you and you very easily print it onto your blank check stock.  Thus, your OJO Bookkeeper never has access to your physical checks or bank account, keeping your money safe and under your total control.

    Do you pay your bills electronically?  No problem! Instead of emailing a PDF file to you, your OJO Bookkeeper will email a detailed report explaining who to pay, how much to pay them, what invoices are being paid, and when to pay them.  Simple!  And you are still in total control of your money and bank account.

Do Your Bookkeeping the Modern Way

Ready to simplify, modernize, and enhance your bookkeeping process? Schedule a Free Consultation with us today to learn why OJO Bookkeeping could be the solution for you. 

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