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Maximize Efficiency with an Expert Appfolio Bookkeeper for Your Property Management Needs

An Appfolio bookkeeper from OJO Bookkeeping may be your solution to effective property management accounting. Combining expertise with Appfolio’s advanced features, they skillfully automate accounting tasks, prioritize accuracy, and maintain compliance. This article outlines how utilizing an Appfolio bookkeeper can upgrade financial operations and ensure regulatory adherence in property management.

Key Takeaways

  • Our Appfolio bookkeepers offer comprehensive training, implementation support, and industry-specific skills that enable efficient monthly bookkeeping and financial management for property businesses.
  • Appfolio enhances property management operations by automating routine tasks such as bank reconciliation and invoice data entry, offering real-time reporting tools for strategic decision-making, and a range of services to keep financial records updated and compliant.
  • Selecting the right Appfolio bookkeeper is crucial; you should ensure they possess property management industry experience, understand specific financial management requirements, and have training in relevant software like Appfolio to minimize risks and maintain compliance.

Why Choose an Appfolio Bookkeeper From OJO Bookkeeping?

Skilled Appfolio bookkeeper managing financial records

Choosing the right bookkeeper for your property business is a strategic decision. Appfolio bookkeepers stand out because of their:

  • Robust set of skills
  • Deep understanding of industry-specific financial requirements
  • Comprehensive training resources provided by Appfolio, including live sessions and self-directed guides that help them maximize the software’s benefits.

Moreover, the transition to an Appfolio bookkeeper is made easier with Appfolio’s implementation support. It minimizes disruptions during the onboarding of new bookkeepers, promoting fast adoption of the software features. This allows your property management business to continue its operations smoothly, ensuring that your monthly bookkeeping and financial management tasks are handled efficiently.

Streamlining Property Management with Our Appfolio Bookkeeping Services

Automated property management with Appfolio bookkeeping services

In the world of property management, time is a precious commodity. Appfolio bookkeeping services streamline property management operations by automating routine tasks. Features like Auto Bank Reconciliation and Automated Late Fees not only reduce the time spent on standard accounting processes but also minimize human errors.

Furthermore, Appfolio’s embedded automation, such as Smart Bill Entry, leverages AI technology to read invoices and automatically enter data. This significantly decreases manual data entry, leading to increased accuracy and efficiency in managing financial transactions.

Yet, the benefits extend beyond automation. Appfolio offers real-time data visualizations, customizable dashboards, and a robust reporting system. These tools promote strategic decision-making, aiding property managers in keeping financial records up-to-date.

Moreover, Appfolio’s bookkeeping services offer the following advantages:

  • Online payment system that facilitates sending and receiving payments on one platform
  • Partnership with Accounting Solution Partners to ensure financial records stay current and compliant
  • Streamlined operations, saving time and enhancing the accuracy of financial reports

An Appfolio Bookkeeper’s Role in Accounts Receivable and Payable

When it comes to property management bookkeeping, managing complex revenue streams and expense structures is a significant responsibility. Appfolio bookkeepers are well-equipped to handle these complex tasks with efficiency and precision, making them an excellent choice for property management bookkeeping services.

One of the ways they achieve this is through leveraging Smart Bill Entry, a feature that uses AI to read and input data from PDF invoices. This not only enhances efficiency but also significantly improves data accuracy.

Their role also extends to managing utility billing for properties with shared utilities, ensuring accurate invoicing for tenants. With real-time data and expansive bank integrations provided by Appfolio, they can effectively track and manage financial transactions.

Maintaining Accurate Financial Records

Accuracy in financial record keeping is vital in all businesses, including property management. Appfolio bookkeepers leverage cutting-edge accounting technology and built-in controls to ensure data integrity.

Automated features like Automated Accounts Payable and Smart Bill Entry automate invoice processing with AI technology. This significantly enhances the accuracy and efficiency in the management and recording of financial transactions.

Integration with major banks and automated features such as lockbox services, bank statement integration, and auto-reconciliation streamline the accounting workflows of Appfolio bookkeepers. This leads to more accurate financial records and less time spent on manual data entry for managing bank accounts, including performing bank reconciliations.

Moreover, Appfolio bookkeepers are knowledgeable about the company’s reporting controls and procedures, and legal standards for accounting and financial reporting. This aids in compliance and reduces risks associated with non-compliant entries.

Customized Financial Reports for Property Managers

Tailored financial reports for property managers in Appfolio

Property managers rely heavily on financial reports for insights into the business’s financial health. As a property manager, you can benefit from Appfolio bookkeepers who use a robust accounting system with real-time reporting capabilities to facilitate data-driven decisions. Property managers have access to a breadth of customizable financial reports. These include owner statements, income statements, and balance sheets, among others, tailored to their specific needs through Performance Insights.

Furthermore, Appfolio supports diverse property portfolios with its ability to manage multiple revenue streams, complex expense structures, and variable leases. This is enhanced by Database API for custom analytics, allowing property managers to securely export data for comprehensive analysis. In addition, Appfolio aids in ensuring financial compliance and adhering to industry standards, with detailed reporting tools for financial health and delinquency reporting.

Enhancing Communication with Property Owners

Maintaining good relationships with property owners hinges on clear and efficient communication. Appfolio facilitates efficient communication by enabling bookkeepers to send out mass communications, such as tenant announcements or reminders. This keeps property owners updated in bulk scenarios, saving time and improving efficiency.

Furthermore, the user-friendly interface and dashboard of Appfolio provide property managers with a clear view of operations like:

  • move-ins
  • move-outs
  • rent collection
  • late fees

This makes it easier to share concise and transparent financial information with property owners, fostering trust and transparency in business operations.

QuickBooks Integration for Comprehensive Property Management Solutions

Integrating Appfolio with QuickBooks offers a comprehensive property management solution. The integration process involves:

  1. Choosing between QuickBooks Online or Desktop
  2. Installing and configuring plugins if needed
  3. Authorizing access
  4. Mapping data fields
  5. Thorough testing

Real-time data synchronization between Appfolio and QuickBooks via third-party plugins or APIs allows for the automatic update of financial information, making QuickBooks training essential for efficient financial management. This reduces the potential for errors and increases the efficiency of financial management.

This integrated solution offers the following benefits:

  • Simplifies tax preparation
  • Maximizes deductions through streamlined expense tracking and categorization
  • Enhances comprehensive financial reporting, providing detailed insights into financial performance.

Moreover, the automation of rent collection and reconciliation ensures accurate accounting for rental income transactions with QuickBooks integration. This seamless financial management reduces the need for additional staffing and manual processes, saving time and resources for your business.

Ensuring Compliance and Reducing Risk with Appfolio Bookkeepers

In property management bookkeeping, ensuring compliance and reducing risk are of paramount importance. Appfolio property management software includes security features such as data encryption and two-factor authentication, which help to protect sensitive financial data managed by bookkeepers.

Appfolio’s accounting software is designed to minimize the risk of errors that could arise during an audit by enforcing data integrity and compliance controls. Appfolio bookkeepers are equipped to handle compliance with various financial and regulatory requirements, which is essential for property management companies.

By ensuring solid and accurate bookkeeping, Appfolio bookkeepers help keep the business compliant and reduce the risk of liability. In addition, Appfolio provides internal and external reporting capabilities that can assist in validating compliance and easily furnish information for auditors.

The Value of Hands-On Experience and Training

Hands-on experience and training hold immense value in property management bookkeeping. Becoming a Certified Residential Management Bookkeeper (CRMB) is a clear indication of a special focus and skill set in property management bookkeeping. This designation demonstrates a candidate’s proper training and a strong educational background, making them stand out.

A seasoned Appfolio bookkeeper possesses significant hands-on experience, including knowledge in critical areas such as Accounts Receivable & Payable and software migration. This is backed by software certifications like QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor.

Furthermore, Appfolio’s network of trusted Solution Partners, comprising accounting experts, provides specialized solutions and support to both enhance the Appfolio platform’s usage and ensure industry compliance.

Despite the technical nature of Appfolio, its user-friendly nature facilitates a smooth learning curve for new hires, enabling them to become productive with the software swiftly, even without previous experience.

Tips for Selecting the Right Appfolio Bookkeeper for Your Business

The task of selecting the right Appfolio bookkeeper for your business is of utmost importance. One of the key factors to consider is their industry experience. Ensure the bookkeeper has proven experience in the property management industry, particularly one who is proficient in using Appfolio property management software.

Moreover, it’s essential to ensure the Appfolio bookkeeper understands critical financial documents specific to property management. They should be knowledgeable in managing prepaid rent, 1099 requirements, and trust accounts.

In addition, verify that the bookkeeper has experience with trust compliance and is aware of the importance of maintaining accurate bookkeeping to uphold your broker’s license, ensuring they’re prepared for their next job.

Lastly, consider the risk and liability involved in property management operations. Choose a bookkeeper whose expertise can assist in protecting your brokerage license. Their role goes beyond just managing financial records; they are an integral part of your business’s risk management strategy.


In conclusion, hiring an Appfolio bookkeeper can significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your property management business. From leveraging automation features to providing real-time financial insights, Appfolio bookkeepers offer numerous benefits. They help streamline operations, maintain compliance, reduce risks, and ultimately, propel your business towards success. Whether you’re a seasoned property manager or new to the industry, consider partnering with an Appfolio bookkeeper – it’s an investment that pays dividends in the long run.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AppFolio used for?

AppFolio is an all-in-one property management software that allows you to manage residential and commercial properties from one place.

What bank does AppFolio use?

AppFolio uses major banks like Alliance Association Bank, Pacific Premier Bank, CIT, Union Bank, and CheckAlt for additional features and banking services.

Does an office manager do bookkeeping?

No, an office manager may handle financial records, but their primary role is not bookkeeping.

What is an AppFolio charge?

An AppFolio charge could refer to a monthly fee of $1.40 per unit with a minimum monthly fee of $280 attached. Additionally, charges with “APPFOLIO” in the description could be related to rent payments, application fees, or billing charges for AppFolio Property Manager.

What are the responsibilities of a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper is responsible for recording and maintaining a business’ financial transactions, such as purchases, expenses, sales revenue, invoices, and payments. They also handle data entry, payroll, tax returns, and office supply maintenance.

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